Garden Of Mustard Seeds

Early Childhood And Learning Center

368-370 Palisade Avenue

Jersey City, New Jersey 07307

Tel: +1 (201) 222-0005

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GOMS founder started caring for the little ones with love and affection at their family daycare called "Mamis Daycare". Later on, they had an urge to care for more children until finally, 6 years later, a gift from God was granted to them. They finally acquired a larger daycare center, which they converted to not only in a place where infants and toddlers would be cared for, but also a place where children up to 5 years old receive academic and spiritual re-enforcement. Inspired by Christ's spirituality and His love towards children, GOMS has been encouraged and felt having a bigger heart for caring, educating and protecting children with all her might along with her wonderful staff's help in a comfy and cozy ambient.


The entire center is open to manage students ranging in ages from 0 years to five years old. Garden Of Mustard Seeds (GOMS) provider-to-student ratio setup provides an easy to manage class in order to transmit the best attention to the children. Instructors to students ratio is low each day to allow for increased individual attention in this busy, exciting growth year. It is a rule for GOMS preschool sections to be well staffed in order to provide the fullest focus to each individual child. This method helps to enrich the children’s' ability to learn socially, emotionally, cognitively, independently and spiritually.


The center is located on the border of Jersey City Heights and next to Hoboken, New Jersey, and it is located right on an artery of public transportation that ride passengers to places like NYC, Downtown Jersey City, Malls, and many other interesting places. GOMS is also about setting a peacful mind to parents on all occassions.


With 5 years of history in caring, loving and protecting young ones, GOMS is one of Jersey City's greatest assets, and likely to other cities as well.